2019 Quarter Finalists - PLEASE READ ALL INFORMATION - scroll down the page to read all the rules...
Contestants - Please contact Ed Lisenbey by text,  ASAP, so he knows that you've seen your name on the Quarter Final contestant list.

Congratulations to all the contestants who are moving on to the quarter final! 


Contestants are able to change their quarter final location, ONLY if the need arises, due to any personal or school conflicts. You CANNOT change the location on your own - you MUST contact Ed Lisenbey (509-322-0003) or Leslie Todd (509-322-5368) ASAP if you need to switch locations (Wenatchee to Fox Island or Fox Island to Wenatchee).

At 8:00AM, Monday, February 18 you can start texting Ed Lisenbey with your song choice for the Quarter Final round only

Remember, no two contestants will be allowed to sing the same song at their Quarter Final (west/east). The first one to text their song to Ed, gets that song. Send text to Ed telling him that you saw your name on the list.  Ed’s number: 509-322-0003.

SUGGESTION: You should choose a song that is well within your vocal range. If you have a softer, gentler voice DO NOT SING a powerful song by a powerhouse singer like Beyonce', Whitney Houston, or Carrie Underwood - be sure you can hit the high & low notes cleary without straining. The judging becomes more strict as you move on in the competition! Bring your "A" game to each round!! As you're singing, you are presenting yourself to the audience - show them that you are enjoy being on stage & that you're happy to be singing for them!



1. Be at your Quarter Final venue forty-five (45) minutes before show time 

 to check in & to give us your CD.  Plan to stay for the whole evening - see rule #6. Any information about the show or any questions will be answered.  (At the final we will be doing sound checks.)

2. Please remember to have a Karaoke CD when arriving to each competition round! (You'll be sending song files for the finals.) No musical instruments, cell phones, I-Pods or singing acapella is allowed - not even in your pockets! If you download Karaoke music, it has to be on a CD-R - no other CD will work in our system. Label it with your name & track # (even if there's only ONE song, please; also label the dead time (how many seconds before music starts) Cut the deadtime to 0-3 SECONDS - NO MORE! EX: Your Name; Track #1, :03.


3. Choose any song of any genre  EXCEPT Rap, Hip Hop, Raggae or Opera for the Quarter Final.  (It doesn't have to be from our approved list, but you may  use it if you're having trouble selecting a song.) Remember to text Ed (509)322-0003 with your song choice ASAP. You risk the chance of NOT getting your song if you wait. REMEMBER NO MORE THAN 3.5 MINUTES IN LENGTH!

  • Both East & West quarter finalists may start texting your song choice to Ed starting 8AM on Monday, Feb. 18th. For the west qtr., the deadline to text your song is Wednesday, Feb.20th. The deadline for the east qtr. is Wednesday, Feb.27th. (It would be wise to have a back up song if the song you want to sing happens to be chosen by someone else.)
  • If you sing a song from our approved lists  at your quarter final, you may sing it again at the semi-final or final but not both.

4. Dress nicely for your performance - Nice (tasteful) outfit that fits the style of your song.

5. Be thinking about possible song choices for the Semi & Final rounds. These songs must come from our approved song list. Semi's is 50s & 60s Rock, Pop & Doo Wop. At the Championship Final you'll have to sing two songs: one from our classic country list &  one from our Rock, Pop & Doo Wop list. (You are not allowed to sing the same song for the final that you sang at the semi-final, so choose your songs wisely.) 

**NOTE**  If you need help with your song selections, don't hesitate to call Ed Lisenbey for suggestions. He is a great source!

6. WE REQUIRE ALL CONTESTANTS TO SIT WITH THEIR FELLOW CONTESTANTS DURING THE WHOLE EVENING'S PERFORMANCES. This allows you to support each other & to bond throughout the competition. Once your performance is over, you need to return to your designated seating area. The ones that sing at the end of the program watched you - you need to stay and watch them.  If you have any questions, speak with Ed or Leslie when you arrive. **Not being respectful or not listening to directions by ANY competition volunteer - may cause you to risk not  moving on in the competition.

7. Like always...HAVE FUN!! GOOD LUCK :)

  • Remember to text Ed that you have seen your name on the quarter finalist list. 

ADMISSION  AT THE DOOR - $10 OR $35 FOR 4+ (immediate household)


East Quarter Final

Saturday, March 2nd

6:00 PM

Mission View Elementary School

60 Terminal Avenue; Wenatchee, WA

West Quarter Final

Saturday, February 23rd

6:00 PM

Fox Island United Church of Christ

726 6th Avenue; Fox Island, WA