GENERAL COMPETITION RULES                                      

1. Contestants must be enrolled in grades 9 through 12 in a recognized WA State School.

2. All performances by the contestant must be solo. Songs need to be sung in the same style as the original - some changes are acceptable. A girl singing "Run Around Sue" can change Sue to Drew, or he to she.

3.  All contestant performances must be to Karaoke CD’s. If you create your own CD, it must be on a CD-R disk – other types “WILL NOT” work. Preferred format when recording is Mp3. Dead time at beginning of CD - no more than 0-3 seconds.

4. For the Qualifier & Quarter Final Rounds, singers may sing any song from any genre of music, except Hip-Hop, Rap or Opers. They do not have to come from our song lists.  You can use our song lists for ideas if you would like to.

5. The top twelve places will win cash prizes. The 2018 champion will win $1,500!

6. Each contestant will be judged on vocal ability (pitch, control, tone quality) and stage presence.

When signing up for the contest, please specify which qualifier location you will be attending. The qualifier locations to choose from are: Connell, Gig Harbor, Bellingham, Wenatchee, Okanogan. Click on 2018 Competition Dates to find qualifier & competition round locations.