3/25 UPDATE...please do not have to send songs for the final to Brock, yet. When we know of a new date for our final, we will notify you hear &/or call/text you. Thanks & stay well...don't forget to wash your hands!! :)



Seniors...please contact us with your anticipated graduation date. All finalists, give us dates for planned family vacations. As soon as we get the go-ahead, we will reschedule. Other groups will be rescheduling their events, also - we'll be in competition with them to set a date! We hope, parents, grandparents & our fans will be flexible in their schedules. We hope to have a sell-out crowd for our last Championship Final!! We had no income for our semi-final round so we NEED a packed house to make this a memorable night for our contestants!! Thank you & be well. 


     After we received the semi-final videos, we shared them with our other judges via YouTube, Messenger, or our cells phones - whatever worked! We enjoyed seeing the creative ways some of you recorded your videos. There were some breathtaking views of the valleys where you live. 

     Thank you to all the contestants, & each parent, for your understanding, patience & flexibility during this difficult time. There were some very close scores, & a tie, so we decided to take thirteen contestants to the final. For those who aren't moving on, please keep on singing & performing. Music is what brings us all together. We may not be able to be together in one room right now, but get creative & keep sharing your talent with others. Our situation WILL improve. When it does, & when we get the go-ahead, we will reschedule the championship final. Without further adieu, here is our 2020 Championship Finalist list in alphabetical order by first name.


Abby Brown - 10th - Yakima (home-schooled)

Analeesa Kornish - 11th - Eastmont (East Wenatchee)

Christina Herrick - 12th - Oroville

Isabella Carlone - 9th - Tahoma (Mapel Valley)

Kylee Boschker - 10th - Selah

Kylie Glendenning - 9th - Connell

Madelyn Cardon - 9th - Selah

Marissa Lloyd - 12th - Connell

Raegan Beebe - 12th - Selah

Tiahnna McAllister - 10th - Oroville

Torianna Minnihan - 12th - Port Townsend

Ty Smith - 11th - Selah

Zarah Johnson - 12 - Kettle Falls

HOST HOTEL - for the Championship Final

Omak Inn is a locally run business. When booking your room, mention you're here for the WA State Nashville Country Star competition & you'll receive a $70 room rate.

Tickets will be available at the door: $12 single; $40 Family 4+

Presale tickets can be purchased through Eventbrite on our Facebook Event page titled 2020 Semi-Final Round

To purchase tickets for the Semi-Final, go to our Washington State Nashville Country Star Facebook page. Click on "Get Tickets" on the Semi-Final event notice. A new window will pop up where you can order your tickets. Tickets will also be available at Kelley Imaging Services in Omak & Rawson's Shoes & Clothing in Okanogan.



2020 FINALISTS -    **Also, see the soundcheck list & time slots at the bottom of the page. 

You will need two songs for the Championship Final (a classic country & a classic oldie from our song lists) - the combined time for your two songs can NOT go over the 6:45 time limit. Your score will be deducted two placements if you go over. You WILL NOT be able to sing your previous songs - PICK TWO NEW SONGS.

For the finals, you will be emailing your song files to Brock Hires at brock@brockhires.com. Any of the following music file extensions will be accepted: WAV, Mp3 (most common), AAC. Your files need to reach Brock by Tuesday, March 24th.

Remember, your song MUST BE SUNG IN THE STYLE OF THE ORIGINAL ARTISTS - not an adaptation of a newer artist, or changing the arrangement to make it your style. We want your voice, of course.  Your file will be rejected & returned to you if IT IS NOT THE CORRECT VERSION. For example, a song that did not have a ukulele in the original song - we don't want it in your karaoke version!

Some songs can be sung by male or female - you would just switch some words around to make it appropriate for the gender the song is sung about. Example - her to him, girl to boy, Sue to Drew.
We would like for you to perform your song in the style of the original artist.   

  • CHAMPIONSHIP FINAL - TO BE RESCHEDULED @ 6 PM - Omak Performing Arts Center
  • At the door:  General $12;  $40 (Family of 4+ in immediate household) 
  •  You can purchase tickets at our Washington State Nashville Country Star Facebook event page. Click on the Semi-Final           event link & then click on "Get Tickets." A new window will pop up.  (NOT AT THIS TIME - WILL POST WHEN AVAILABLE)
  • Tickets will be sold locally at Kelley Imaging Services in Omak & Rawson's Shoes & Clothing in Okanogan
  • Omak Inn is our host hotel for the finals. If you mention our name, you will receive a $70 room rate
  • CONTESTANTS: Please bring a dessert or baked item for the silent auction. Also, if possible, please bring a donated item from a local business in your area (ask if they will support you with this donation), or a handmade item by you also for our silent auction.
  • You must do two songs for the final: One off the Classic Rock-n-Roll list & one off the Classic Country list. The song list can be found on the website:  www.wanashvillecountrystar.org.
  • SONGS FOR THE FINAL: You can start texting your songs to Ed at any time starting at 8:00 AM - Monday, March 2nd -  BUT NO LATER THAN MARCH 22nd if you have not done so by the Semi-Final.  ALSO...
  • Your combined two-song time limit is 6:45 seconds. If you go over the limit, you will be dropped two places in the final standings which could cost you hundreds of dollars, so please be careful.
  • You can edit your music if you can do it smoothly & tastefully – (shorten) Trim dead time at the beginning (before music starts) to no more than 3 seconds.
  • IMPORTANT: Songs must be sung as close to the original versions as possible. Changes to fit gender situations is acceptable: Sue to Drew; him to her. If songs are not performed close to the originals versions, THERE WILL BE DEDUCTIONS!
  • Songs for the Finals:  Your music files must be emailed to Brock Hires by Tuesday, March 24;  brock@brockhires.com 
  • Accepted format of music files - WAV, MP3 (most common) & AAC. 
  • Remember, please create & send your files ASAP.  YOU CANNOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE - you run the risk of not singing the night of the Final if you don't get your songs to Brock. Remember to be courteous – Brock is volunteering his time to us & YOU WILL NOT  BE USING CDs at the Championship Finals!
  • When texting, please include your full name in the subject line with your music as an attachment.
  • PLEASE DRESS FOR YOUR SONG - BUT TASTEFULLY, PLEASE! Country style for your classic country song (PLEASE, NO HOLIE - HOLEY JEANS!!) 50s, 60s, to mid-70s style for classic rock-n-roll - the Internet is a great source for ideas. There is a costume shop in Okanogan. If you need help finding anything, call Leslie (509)322-5368), I'll be glad to help you find something by contacting someone at the shop. Not dressing appropriately could affect your score.

SOUND CHECK SCHEDULE. If you miss your time slot, you will not have a sound check. Come five to fifteen minutes early before your start time. This list is in the order of performance by the numbers you drew at the semi-final meeting.

Sound checks start at 1:00 sharp. You will sound check both songs.  PLEASE TEXT ED THAT YOU HAVE SEEN YOUR NAME ON THE LIST & THAT YOU HAVE SEEN YOUR SOUND CHECK TIME.  509-322-0003

You must be at the PAC early for SOUND CHECKS for the Final: (your finals performance order determines the time you must arrive – numbers are posted next to your name at the end of this sheet).    


1.  Contestants 1 through 4 will do sound checks starting at 1 PM:  

2.  Contestants 5 through 8 will do sound checks at 1:25 PM:   


3.  Contestants 9 through 12 will do sound checks at 1:50 PM:   

If you leave after sound check, make sure you come back to the PAC NO LATER THAN 5PMThere are two dressing rooms at the PAC for your convenience.
  • We realize there are a lot of rules, but we feel these are necessary to allow the competition to be fair for all contestants. Following all of these rules will help the night to run as smoothly as possible. However, there can be hiccups from time-to-time, so please be patient if something does occur.
  • Most important – HAVE FUN, be courteous to one another & to the volunteers putting on this competition. You are the best of the best…so go out there & sing your hearts out…the crowd will respond! Good luck to all of you!!