2019 FINALISTS -  scroll down the page to READ ALL THE RULES.  **See the soundcheck list & time slots at the bottom of the page.

You will need two songs for the Championship Final - the combined time for your two songs can NOT go over the 6:30 time limit. Your score will be deducted two placements if you go over.

Any of the following music file extensions will be accepted: WAV, Mp3 (most common), AAC

Remember, your song MUST BE SUNG IN THE STYLE OF THE ORIGINAL ARTISTS - not an adaptation of a newer artist, or changing the arrangement to make it your style. We want your voice, of course.  Your file will be rejected & returned to you if IT IS NOT THE CORRECT VERSION. For example, a song that did not have a ukulele in the original song - we don't want it in your karaoke version!

Some songs can be sung by male or female - you would just switch some words around to make it appropriate for the gender the song is sung about. Example - her to him, girl to boy, Sue to Drew. We would like for you to perform your song in the style of the original artist.  

  •  Championship Final - Saturday, March 30 @ 6 PM - Omak Performing Arts Center
  • At the door:  General $12; Senior Cititzens $10 or $40 (Family of 4+ in immediate household) 
  • Tickets will be available at Brown Paper Tickets this evening (3/17/2019) 
1.  CONTESTANTS: Please bring a dessert or baked item for the silent auction. Also, if possible, please bring a donated item from a local business in your area (ask if they will support you with this donation), or a handmade item by you also for our silent auction.
2. You must do two songs for the final: One off the Classic Rock-n-Roll list & one off the Classic Country list. The songlist can be found on the website: www.wanashvillecountrystar.org.
3. FOR THE FINAL, you can text your songs to Ed at any time starting at 8:00 AM - Monday, March 4th -  TEXT THEM TO ED NO LATER THAN MARCH 24th if you have not done so by the Semi-Final.  ALSO...
  • SONGS CANNOT BE CHANGED  AFTER SUNDAY, MARCH 24th. (This is the VERY last day you have to send files to Brock)
  • Your combined two-song time limit is 6:30 seconds. If you go over the limit, you will be dropped two places in the final standings which could cost you hundreds of dollars, so please be careful.
  • You can edit your music if you can do it smoothly & tastefully – (shorten).
  • IMPORTANT: Songs must be sung as close to the original versions as possible. Changes to fit gender situations is acceptable: Sue to Drew; him to her. If songs are not performed close to the originals versions, THERE WILL BE DEDUCTIONS!
  • Songs for the Finals must be sent by music files to Brock Hires BY MARCH 24;  brock@brockhires.com 
  • Accepted format of music files - WAV 
  • Remember, please create & send your files ASAP.  YOU CANNOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE - you run the risk of not singing the night of the Final if you don't get your song to Brock. Remember to be courteous – Brock is volunteering his time to us & YOU! WE WILL NOT  BE USING CDs at the Championship Finals!
  • Files must be sent (emailed) by 8PM on Sunday, March 25…NO LATER!!
  • When texting, please include your full name in the subject line with your music as an attachment.
4Please dress appropriately for each song; tastefully, please!
  • Country style for your classic country song
  • 50s, 60s, to mid-70s style for classic rock-n-roll
  • Not doing so can affect your scoring
  • 5. If for any reason you cannot make the final, let us know ASAP so we can give someone else the chance to perform.


     Wow! Last night was a fantastic night of entertainment at the Okanogan Virginia Grainger School. We had a packed house & the crowd was amazing cheering on each contestant & helping one with his song!

     After five hours of reviewing videos, some three or four times, we finally made a unanimous decision on our top fourteen finalists for the March 30th Championship Final at 6 PM which will be held at the Omak PAC on 20 S Cedar. The contestants really stepped it up AND we were pleasantly surprised by some of the performances. We saw so much growth in many of our contestants this year, especially the younger ones. This made our job extremely difficult – one of our hardest years – because of the closeness in scores.

     Along with the joy of selecting our top fourteen come the heartbreak of having to cut contestants that have become like family. Please don’t be discouraged. You are great people & we want you to continue to sing & perform which will only make you better performers. If any of you would like to sing in our summer shows, give Ed a call or text him to let him know of your interest.

     We hope all of our contestants had fun, & for those who are able, we hope you will return next year to share your talent with us all over again! And now here are your top fourteen!

Ana Contreras - Southridge

Anna Garriott - Gig Harbor

Chloe Forsyth - Eastmont

Christina Herrick - Oroville

Cicely Beckman - Richland

Jayden Salazar - Southridge

Kiana Kendall - Sultan

Natalee Grover - Gig Harbor

Raegan Beebe - Selah

Riley Bergan - Eastmont

Sara Zirkle - Riverside Christian - Yakima

Tori Minnihan - Port Townsend

Zarah Johnson - Kettle Falls

Zoe Butler - Warden

Please scroll down to see your time for the sound check schedule. If you miss your slot, you will not have a sound check. Come five to ten minutes early before your start time. This list is in the order of performance by the numbers you drew at the semi-final meeting.

SOUND CHECKS: Sound checks start at 1:00 sharp. Be there early & ready to go before your scheduled time! You will sound check both songs.  PLEASE TEXT ED THAT YOU HAVE SEEN YOUR NAME ON THE LIST & THAT YOU HAVE SEEN YOUR SOUND CHECK TIME.  509-322-0003

  1. You must be at the PAC early for SOUND CHECKS for the Final: (your finals performance order determines the time you must arrive – numbers are posted next to your name at the end of this sheet).                                                                           Contestants 1 through 5 will do sound checks starting at 1 PM:  Raegan, Riley, Tori, Jayden, Chloe                                                   Contestants 6 through 9 will do sound checks at 1:30 PM:     Ana, Christina, Kiana, Sara, Anna                                                           Contestants 10 through 14 will do sound checks at 2:00 PM:    Natalee, Cicely, Zoe, Zarah
  2. If you leave after sound check, make sure you come back to the PAC NO LATER THAN 5PMThere are two dressing rooms at the PAC for your convenience.
  • We realize there are a lot of rules, but we feel these are necessary to allow the competition to be fair for all contestants. Following all of these rules will help the night to run as smoothly as possible. However, there can be hiccups from time-to-time, so please be patient if something does occur.
  • Most important – HAVE FUN, be courteous to one another & to the volunteers putting on this competition. You are the best of the best…so go out there & sing your hearts out…the crowd will respond! Good luck to all of you!!

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